Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar

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It’s effective against nematodes, pests , germs and disease on plants. It also has the ability to eliminate bad odour and commonly used in small quantity as animal feed additive.

When applied periodically,it enhances rooting for better uptake of nutrients, condition the soil, balance of the microbiological population and reduces the damage caused by various diseases.

For Agricultural Use
✔️Act as pest repellent
✔️Organic Farming
✔️Boost up immune system to fight against pests
✔️Balancing the microorganism in soil
✔️Pre-soaking of seeds for better germination

For Household, Office and Restaurant Use
✔️Eliminate bad odour in toilets, rubbish bins, Fridges, Shoes, Sofa..
✔️Repel rats, cats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants...
✔️Eliminate mould
✔️Deodorises pet’s beddings and tray
✔️For athlete’s foot
✔️For stoves and counter tops
✔️To polish wooden furniture
✔️Prolong shelf life of cut flowers